Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Today we went to one of the most bonkers places I know - Frankenmuth - Michigan's Little Bavaria. It's also home to Bronners where it's Christmas 365 days a year - and they put the CHRIST in CHRISTmas....bonkers! But brilliant. Frankenmuth is famous for it's chicken dinners which I appreciated but Oscar wasn't interested. He was a little sod during dinner! It's a total comfort food fest - fried chicken, american stuffing (called dressing), mashed potatoes, buttered noodles and gravy to die for. YUMMMM. I am so fat.

We then wandered around the touristy bits - had our photo taken in Victorian americana outfits in sepia! I'll get Kirsti to scan the pic in. I went to a "stuff your own bear" shop and got Oz a little ginger monkey who is the same colour as Oscar's hair! I stuffed him myself! He has a little wish star inside him and also squawks in a jungle styley. Oscar loves him.

We went inside a maze made of mirrors and Kirsti was totally disorientated. It was hilarious - she really couldn't work out which was reflection and which was person! They gave you plastic gloves so you can hold your hands out in front and not walk straight into a mirror. Good job or K would have been bruised!

A great day out - topped off by a yummy sushi dinner at home in honour of Kirsti and Terry's second wedding anniversary - happy anniversary Sis!

What a good day (apart from Oz's lunchtime tantrums)!


Janice said...

bonkers is definitely a good word for it. Bronners...my mother can walk around there for hours...i'd rather stay far far away.

Dixie said...

You are making the most of your time over there! I love that you're having such a great time!