Monday, October 31, 2005

Oscar the sheep

Well that's how I'm thinking of it - he has hand foot and mouth disease. Which basically means he's in a very bad mood, can't eat anything because his mouth hurts, isn't sleeping well because his mouth hurts and is totally pissed off.

So is Mummy as I can't go anywhere since he's contagious. He's drooling so much over everything. So no swimming or Monkey Music tomorrow. Don't know what to do with him - he's so bloody grumpy because he feels rotten. He throws tantrums if I try and take him in the garden or play. He'll sit in front of the TV but that's about it and we can't do that all day every day. I'll go mad!!!

Any suggestions gratefully recieved - the weather is grotty so going out to parks isn't really in.

What a fun few days we're going to have. NOT.


Nic said...

Oh no!! Solitary confinement! I know that feeling. I went to get some milk this morning and was looked at like I was a leper, I felt like screaming what am I supposed to do????DP is 250miles away, family ditto, its me, grumpy and the spot monster :oP
We've watched a fair amount of bob the builder which is making me feel a bit pants because I never let them watch much tv but I guess when needs must. I bought a new puzzle the other day to releive the boredom for them and just done lots of playing at building towers and 'colouring in'
Get well soon Oscar!

Moxie said...

Awww, poor Oz. Hope he gets better soon and that you can go out and about before it drives you crazy!

Happy Halloween



Kirsti said...

Will he do art stuff? Finger painting? Play dough? (There's a bunch of make your own recipes online.)Make a tent in the living room for him to hide in. Is there a new toy he's not played with much? A shape sorter or something? Keep trying him with crayons?

And then call mum over to babysit :)

Dixie said...

Poor sweetie! I have no suggestions - just love and hugs for you both.

Feel better soon, Oz - for your sake and your mummy's!

Jodipodi said...

oh no poor Oscar!! How does one get that?!? :( Poor chap!

Hope he feels much better soon

Lots of love and hugs

Jodi xxxxxxx

p.s. I have 2 unfinished scarf projects on the go! LOVE knitting! Just need to do something other than scarfs!! lol