Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back in Blighty

The flight home was very full and Oz didn't sleep much but we're home and I'm so happy. Rob was waiting at the door for us and so happy to see us - Oscar was so excited - running from room to room rediscovering his toys and hugging his Daddy's legs. He's been a bit unsettled - was awake at midnight for 2 hours last night and has already woken up twice tonight. Hopefully he'll settle down soon.

It's so nice to be home - hearing nothing but English accents. And to sleep in my own bed- god I love my bed - and to be with my man again. I'm still knackered. Just watched Lost and now I'm off to bed

What a brilliant couple of weeks - meeting my stonecutter chums was the best and I miss them already - and having such a wonderful time with my amazing sister and sis in law - two of the most generous women I am priveleged to know and be related to. Thanks K - you gave me a wonderful gift of you these last two weeks. I know you miss your nephew - he misses you too and sends you dribbly kisses.


Dixie said...

Those two weeks fly by, don't they? I know they did for me the last time I went home for a visit.

Glad you're home safe and sound.

Nic said...

Sounds like you and Oscar had a great time. Back home in your own bed with your man though, bliss eh? I love it when little ones come home and rediscover everything again. All their toys that they thought were boring when they left are suddenly interesting again.

Jemma said...

Welcome back!! Hope to see you soon! xxxx