Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm back

from the longest roadtrip Oz or I have ever done - 10 hours to get there on Friday then 9 hours back on Sunday - phew - but it was worth every minute.

The gathering of women was awesome. And I wish I was as eloquent as Beege when she describes it but I'm no good at summing it up here - just magical. We laughed, we cried (especially when saying goodbye)....

The thing that gets me, is that I've known these women for about 5 years and the last time we all met up it was wild - drinking, flashing our boobs, smoking, staying up all night.....and it was brilliant. This time it was different - so many of us have had was a bonding session that often got interrupted by one of us chasing our child, that ended a lot earlier as babies had to be put to bed, but was still an amazing, oestrogen filled, womanly celebratory wonderful weekend.

I met some Stonecutters I hadn't met before including the incomparable, beautiful, wonderful Beege - she's so much younger than I picture her in my head because she's so wise and clever I always see her older - but in the flesh she's a blonde babyfaced gorgeous lady - and her daughter Linnea is an angel - Oz was very impressed.

Poppy was there and it was amazing to see Clara Jane - last time I saw her was at my baby shower and she's so grown up! And so chatty! I loved listening to her talk and chatter and play with Oscar (who is the same height as her!! My child is a freak). Oscar has now joined me in the Poppy food fan club - he ate a HUGE portion of her spinach pesto lasagne and I was so grateful - he needed veggies badly after all the junk we've been eating!

There were so many parts of this weekend I can't write about them all - I will elaborate more later but I just have to thank Tiffey for being the best driver ever and getting us safely there and back. Sara and Cyn for being the best hostesses.

I love my stonecutter sisters. They are truly my family - it's unbelievable to me that we met online because I feel so close to them. If you'd have told me 10 years ago that I'd be hanging out with a bunch of internet buddies in America I'd have laughed. Hell, if you'd have told me I'd be writing about it on the internet I would have pissed myself.

It's just really hitting me how much I've changed, how my life is changing, and how my friendships are evolving and growing and changing but remaining strong throughout my life.

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Jemma said...

Spinich pesto lasagne! I'm drooling now, I hope you got the recipe! Glad you're having such a fab time it sounds like you've found a spiritual home :)