Sunday, October 09, 2005

Here safe and sound!

The flight was fine - Oz was an absolute angel. Slept while I had my dinner, charmed all the passengers - didn't cry once. Even adapted to the time difference - he slept for an hour on the way home from the airport, then came out to IHOP with us, ate dinner, went to bed at 8pm local time (1am in his mind) and slept through till 7am.

We've had a lovely day hanging out with my friend Tiffany and her family. Went to Red Lobster for dinner - I think it's my new favourite place to eat!

Oz went down like a dream tonight and I'm off to bed myself now

I'll post more when I'm more awake - but just wanted to say I'm here and happy as larry!


Karen said...

Kids are so resilient. I took our 16 month old to Venezuela to meet up with my husband and he was just fine, too. I think if the mom is relaxed the child will be, too. Have a great time.

Moxie said...

Glad you had a good journey and Oz enjoyed it too! I'm still chucking things in a bag for tomorrow, so wish us luck with the connections!

Give my love to K & T and have a fantastic time.

Big hugs

Nic said...

Glad you got there ok Sally and Os was such a star. I bet you are so proud of the little man. Have a fab time.

Dixie said...

Yay! Glad you're there and glad you're having a wonderful time!