Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Post from Quarantine

First off thank you everyone for your positive comments and to the wonderful Moxie for the phone call today - thanks babe - kept me sane. I also got a call from my fellow Mum Andrea so that was nice - I sent out such self-pitying emails and the blog entry too - but those who know me know I don't do well on my own - I hate being in!!!

Actually we went out today - to my Mum's for half an hour and then to Greenwich to run in the park - Oz was going stir crazy too today. He did eat though so he must be on the mend - I got a chinese takeaway for lunch and he ate 4 mini spring rolls. And he ate 2
tidgy toads for dinner - thank god for Aunt Bessie.

Ok - as light relief here's something I stole from
Nic - you go to Google and type your name + "needs" in a search and laugh yourself stupid at the results....

Here are my favourites:

1. Sally needs to be careful in applying for a mortgage
2. Sally needs to be reminded to multiply before adding
3. Sally needs to feel your desire to understand and connect with her
4. Sally needs a "leg up"
5. Sally needs an urgent medical operation costing her personally $50000

6. Sally needs $50000 to buy a Pete's Postage Post franchise (shame I spent it on the operation)
7. Sally needs new shoes
8. Sally needs to use MS-CHAP version 1 on her Remote Access Server

Ok maybe that last one was a bit boring. But it's funny - and when you're in quarantine you need a laugh! So thanks Nic!


Nic said...

Simple things eh?? Made me laugh. Thats what being in quarantine with little people does to you. I can only watch so much Bob the Builder before I go mad.
Hey, you're on Basil this Friday aren't you?
Jack is still spotty, he's had it for a week and a day now-not that I'm counting and Think the spots are slowly starting to dry out.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Moxie said...

It was great catching up with you too babe. Hope Oz continues to get better so you can get out and about. If not, you know where I am.

I liked the 'needs' thing, here are a few that came up for me...

tracy needs one

Tracy needs wins to get back in title battle

Tracy needs to make the most of these cycles (quite topical on the old baby front!)

Tracy needs a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world

Tracy needs to step off the soapbox and tell stories (again, topical :o)

Tracy needs to be gently coaxed through the process (!)

Tracy needs to run

Tracy needs an additional water supply to meet water demand.

Tracy needs to develop more fully the extremely important implications of his claim that as agent God can (and does) perform specific acts

Tracy needs a makeover

All are true, sadly :o) (apart from the additional water, of which I retain plenty...)

Kirsti said...

The problem with having an unusual name is that these kind of things really don't work for me. I get:

Kirsti needs me, nothing’s going to happen between me and her! (From some awful TaTu fan fic)

kirsti needs to copy this salute pose within 72 hours


Kirsti needs a room (nope, got a whole house full).

By the way, have you tried it with Oscar? I love the first result!

Dixie said...

Can you explain a Tidgy Toad to me? Looks like sausages surrounded by some sort of crispy flaky dough stuff. Doesn't look bad but egad! In the picture the beans are touching it.