Monday, April 25, 2005

Shit day

Says it all really....details?

I usually do aqua aerobics on a Monday and I love it. This week I cancelled it because 2 mums from my GP group wanted to go swimming for the first time with their babies and the baby swim lessons were at teh same time. I was really looking forward to it - then we had planned lunch and a nice afternoon. This morning, an hour before we were due to meet, they cancelled on me.

So I had nothing to do all day and I HATE that. I have to do something - can't stay in all day or I go crazy. So at lunchtime I decide to pop out with Oscar in the car to pick up something for lunch. I got a parking ticket. £50 worth of parking ticket for being in a shop for 5 minutes. It was on a red route but in one of those dashed line parking spaces which are usually good for 20 minutes. I was in the shop for 5. But it turns out it was loading only so I was in the wrong but I think the fucking traffic warden was hiding behind a lampost to have made out the ticket so quickly.

So very expensive lunch then - £2.40 + £50.

So I came home and stayed in all afternoon with a baby who has discovered shouting is great fun.

I have a splitting headache, an overdraft, have had to cancel plans for my anniversary next week because I spent the money on the fucking parking ticket.

And I am grumpy as all hell. Sorry to vent but there you go.


Dixie said...

OUCH!! Beyond shit day! You have my sympathies. Nothing worse than having to blow money on something like a stupid parking ticket.

beege said...

Hm. We all seem to be laboring under very dark clouds, lately. Wonder what's up?