Sunday, April 10, 2005

An overview of last week - filming and all

Well as I said on Monday, I caught Oscar's cold very badly. Which stuffed up filming for me. I went down on Tuesday, feeling a bit ill - by Wednesday I was so ill I had to lie down in between takes - shivering and aching. Thursday was a very long day - was on set by 7am and didn't finish till 6. I was so disappointed. It's such fun usually filming on the Basil Brush - the crew are so lovely, the cast are always joking and laughing - I tried really hard to enjoy it but I felt too ill! I was a trouper though - gave a good performance - the director was very happy with me and everyone looked after me when I felt so lousy. The 1st assistant director spent a long time fanning me with a script! Bless him.

And I also made the stupid mistake of taking Lemsip cold and flu remedy constantly through the day - which I found out yesterday has caffeine in it - which explains why even though I was in the lovely hotel with the big double bed, why I couldn't sleep - only got about 4 hours each night - was awake coughing and blowing my nose...and my throat was so sore I couldn't eat either.

I am just complaining now.....I'll stop cos I feel better today. But the timing was shit. My first acting job in ages and I couldn't enjoy it.

It'll be on TV in October so I'll let you all know.

As I said, got back on Thursday just before Oscar went to sleep and cuddled him a lot. Had a quiet day on Friday and Saturday and today was just lovely. Sunny weather again, so DH, Oscar and I went to Crystal Palace Park. We had great fun - we used to live just near the park so it was nice to revist old haunts. Had lunch in a lovely cafe then walked walked walked. Saw the dinosaurs and Oscar had his very first taste of ice cream - pictures above.....he LOVED it. I'm sure someone will tell me you're not supposed to give babies ice cream but I don't care - it made him very happy!

Hopefully by tomorrow my cold will have gone completely. I've been really bad with Weightwatchers - haven't really been following points since Easter so I'm determined to start again tomorrow. It didn't help that when I went shopping on Friday they were selling easter eggs for 10p....marshmallow filled ones....Big ones...and I bought 3 - for DH I told myself. I ate 1 and a half.....bad bad bad but yum yum yum.

Oh and one other thing - I am probably going to the USA in October which is very exciting - to see my sister and my ya yas. Flying with Oscar....hmmmmmmmmm. He'll be 14 months old then!

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beege said...

Sal, there are days when the only thing Linnea will eat any significant quantity of is ice cream. We eat it together, out of the tub, with one spoon. I try and rationalize that ice cream eaten with a baby spoon is a smaller amount of ice cream than what would be eaten with a regular spoon. Riiiiiiight. But then I just give in and enjoy the sheer delight of eating ice cream with my girl. :) Glad Oz enjoyed his.

And whoo-hoo on October!!!! I'll see you there, buddy! I hope, anyway. :) :*