Friday, April 29, 2005

Confessions of a BAD housewife

Technically I'm a full time Mummy. I have done an acting job in the last month. And I am working part time for the University of London but it's only a few hours a week....I worked 30 hours this month.

And....I have a cleaner. When I worked full time I always wanted one but DH never felt comfortable with the idea. Now I am technically a home-maker, I pay a wonderful woman £25 a week to do it for me. And she's AMAZING. She does the whole house in 3 hours. And today she even changed my sheets and made my bed. It's like living in a hotel.

I love it. I left the house at 9.30 this morning - got back at 1.30 to a different home. Sparkling, shiny and smelling fresh. Of course I have to tidy up before she comes and the house is tidy now more than untidy so it is training me...but I don't have to vaccuum, or dust or polish. Or mop the kitchen floor. I tend to whiz around after Oscar with my hand held dustbuster mini vaccuum thing. Cos he tends to leave crumbs. And I wipe the floor around his highchair as he's a creative eater.

But the rest, I leave until Friday - the best day of the week!

So my advice to anyone who can afford it (and people like me who can't but who would rather eat beans on toast than mop floors) get a cleaner! I love love love mine. She's amazing. This post is dedicated to her!


Dixie said...

You are seriously, seriously tempting me. Now to just convince B that I need a cleaner.

Jodipodi said...

I would love a cleaner but am scared of getting one that rifles through my bits and bobs! How do you get one that you trust?!

Sally said...

I just think my bits and bobs are dead boring. There isn't really anything I can think of that she would rifle through. And from the amount of work she does, I can't imagine her having the time! She was recommended to me though Jode - so maybe that's the way