Monday, April 04, 2005

A bad day

Oscar slept very badly last night. Went to sleep at 7.30 as usual. Woke up at 10. Then at 1. Then at 2, at 3, at 4, at 5am. Like a bloody alarm clock. I fed him at 5am and he slept till 7.40.

I'm exhausted. So is he. He's been a grumpy little baby all day. I tried to sleep when he did during the day but only grabbed an hour as I had so much stuff to do - I'm filming tomorrow and had to get my shit together.

Also...I have caught his cold so I feel like shit. I woke up with the biggest reddest sorest zit right on my nose so I look like Rudolph. And while my left eye is marginally better - not as swollen though still blood red, my right eye is now puffing up.

It's like the universe is dumping on me from a great height. I also think I'm premenstrual.

Today I hate my life. I was really looking forward to getting away and filming but it turns out they need me tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and then Thursday so I only get one night in the hotel. And I have a 7am call on Thursday so I won't even get breakfast.

Sorry. This is one long whinge. But I feel like crap and might as well get it out of my system!

Hopefully I'll be more cheery once I've been an actor for a couple of days and not a stressed Mum.

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