Saturday, April 02, 2005

Dixie Peach and questions from Beege

Hey Dix!!! I just rediscovered an old friend who left me a comment - Dixie Peach and I used to post on an online community and then she left (I never did find out why) and I missed her but was a bad friend and didn't make the effort to stay in touch. But she found my blog! So hello gorgeous Dixie - a southern belle who lives in Germany with her lovely hubby. Give B a big kiss from his UK fan club.

Also from
Beege, I have 5 questions to answer...this is something that is doing the rounds of blogs - I asked Beege to ask me 5 questions and here they are - I'm answering them and by doing so, if anyone asks me I have to ask them 5 questions here are my answers

Questions for
1. You are offered the acting role of a lifetime, one that will guarantee you fame and recognition of your peers. It requires you be away from home for three weeks. Do you take it? Yes. A few weeks ago I would have said no, but as Oscar gets older, I find it would still be torturous to be away from him and DH for 3 weeks but I think I'd regret it if I didn't.

2. What is a role that you dream of bringing to life, but just haven't had the opportunity to do so yet? I've always wanted to play Lady Macbeth. Never had the opportunity as no one will cast a fat chick as Lady M. But I want to play her as a very maternal, ambitious woman - I have lots of day perhaps - I still got a few years before I have to play older parts...

3. What sort of girl do you dream of Oz marrying some day? I always said I wanted him to be gay! And marry a drag queen!!! Perhaps he could marry Linnea? No - cereal - I hope he finds someone, whatever gender/creed/colour who makes him laugh and is his friend.

4. What is your proudest moment? I suppose it's giving birth. I was proud that I got through 11 hours of labour, even though it ended with a caesarean. I was amazed by what my body did. I also feel it's still to come in a way.....I'll keep you posted.

5. Mac 'n Cheese: Kraft or ho-made? Either!!! I love all macaroni and cheese. My homemade one never tastes as good as the Kraft but my mother's and Poppy's are amazing....I could eat it every day.

Beege - you're an angel - great questions -very appropriate!

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Dixie said...

Thank Poppy for steering me to your blog. I love that I can keep up with you this way!

And now that I know you'll be on Basil Brush I shall now make an effort to include it in my afternoon television viewing. It'll be great seeing you but I won't be hearing your voice.