Tuesday, April 19, 2005

He's famous and he's crawling

Oscar in his signature outfit Posted by Hello -

It's happening. He's starting to crawl. Backwards. Bless his little cotton socks (that he keeps removing). He manages to get his bum in the air, then his hands follow once the bum has gone down so he ends up going backwards.

God help me. I've got to tidy up all the time now - he's already reaching stuff I didn't think he could. Why is it with babies that they automatically find the cable/wire/plastic bag when they are surrounded with lovely toys? They have a sixth sense for innate danger....

The outfit above was a christmas present from my sister who had it specially made - I'm such an egocentric that I always love things with my name on from books to songs - I'm training Oscar to be the same.

He's not a grouch though. Well not often. We've got a mad busy week this week - at his swimming lesson this morning though he got a huge well done from the teacher as he managed to swim on his own with a long thin macaroni float round him. He's the only one who did it and he's one of the youngest in the class. (Proud mummy brag over now).

I'm going into "work" tomorrow - the University - I've been managing at least an hour a day on the home work so it's cool - got to pick up loads of files tomorrow.

Right - I'm boring myself now. Will be back soon with some fascinating dribble about my days....

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Dixie said...

Would you just look at that happy love baby? And I can't get over that outfit! It's brilliant!