Saturday, April 30, 2005

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It's All Just Smoke and Mirrors

I know I've mentioned Dixie before - but she's such a sweetheart - not only is she lovely to me, she's bigging up my sister's blog too! So I have to return the favour and plug her again. Go read - she's an amazing woman with a truly unique life - and one of the biggest hearts on the planet.


Jodipodi said...

Hello gorge, tis Jodipodi here, just started my own blog, feeling very inspired by yours! I do have one on LJ, but im greedy and want more than one... anyway I am waffling, just wanted to say I checked out Dixies blog.. I love her already she has To Kill a Mockingbird as a fav film and book.. just like me! :)

Love n hugs Jode xxxxxxx

Dixie said...

You're a doll, Sal. Thanks for the super plug!