Friday, April 22, 2005

Confessions of a BAD mother

We had a lovely day today - spent the whole day back at Crystal Palace Park with my NCT group. But I was a bad bad mummy.

First off Oscar was playing on a big table at the cafe where we met - the floor was covered in pigeon poop so I had him on the table. I turned around to ask my friend Miranda to get me some tea and of course...he went head first off the table. It was one of those picnic tables with benches attached so he landed on the bench - on my cup of tea which I'd put there to keep it out of his reach. Now luckily it was nearly empty, cold and in a polystyrene cup which actually cushioned his fall....I kept having flashes of what could have happened if the tea was hot and in a glass (which would be very impractical).

He was fine. Not even a bump on his head - he was shocked more than anything....

Then....I got the cafe to warm up his food and they over nuked it in their microwave. I waited until it had cooled (I thought) but the second mouthful he took obviously had a hot spot in it (which is why they tell you not to microwave baby food or bottles) and he spat it out and cried.

FINALLY. I got home - we're both exhausted - must have walked about 3 miles today up and down hills in the park - and I think he's pink with excitement. But no...DH comes home and points out that we both have rather red faces and Oscar's hands are also pink. Yes. I think I frisped my son in the sun. It wasn't that sunny - this is England for God's sake. And I had my jacket on as it wasn't warm. But we were outdoors all day and I am blonde and he is ginger and our skin is white white white. Or red red red now.

I don't think it's bad - I'll see how he is tomorrow - it really wasn't hot enough to do much damage (can you hear me justifying my bad motherhood....?)

Call social services.


Dixie said...

Did y'all maybe get windburn and not sunburn? Doesn't matter I suppose - red is red.

You're not a bad mum - you're a super mum. And that Oscar is a little trooper!

zoe xx said...

You are a fabulous mum. These things happen - remind me to tell you one day about dropping Alfie when I slipped on stone steps wearing inappropriate shoes. Children are very resilient, and these life experiences are good for you and for them - you can't keep them wrapped in cotton wool, sadly!

Did I tell you just how gorgeous he is??

beege said...

Heh. I'll never forget the day I learned that Linnea actually has the ability to bounce when she falls. I felt TERRIBLE, like we should just take her back to the hospital and say, "We're not fit for her."

But: she's fine. Oz will be fine, too. I've learned that when she falls and I don't make much of a fuss, neither does she, unless she's really hurt/scared/suprised. In fact, usually I just say, "BONK!" and smile at her. Now when she falls and it's no big deal, I hear her little voice, "bonk!" It's so damn cute.