Monday, April 04, 2011


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Today was a very important day for a lot of my friends whose eldest child is the same age as my youngest. Today they found out which school they'd got into. My youngest is already a shoe-in at Torridon as my eldest goes there. Most of my friends who were on tenterhooks today also have younger children - so getting the eldest into the right school is SO important as siblings automatically get in....

And I was so so hoping that my friend Clare would get her son James into Torridon - Toby and James have been friends since they were about 7 weeks old....and it will be so nice to have Clare in the school.....(I'm already talking about her becoming a Governor!).

And today she got the great news that she got her first choice - our school - Torridon School. A lot of my friends have got their first choice - not everyone though -and my heart goes out to them. It's such a big deal - you have a gut feeling often about the school, you really love it, then you don't get a place cos you live ten houses too far away....

I'm hoping with people going on waiting lists, that eventually all my friends will get what they want. I'm really happy for those who already have, and especially for my BFF Clare!

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