Saturday, April 23, 2011


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My lovely lovely friend Pearl came round to see the recuperating invalid today - only I was definitely up on my feet and fine....

We had a lovely sun-filled lazy day - on sunloungers in the garden with cappucinos and cupcakes, eating pizza, doing silly Goddess tarot like card things....reading interior design magazines (well Pearl did...)

She also chucked a glass of water over Toby (who was naked and dancing) in the garden which made him wail (and made us piss ourselves - I'm such a bad mother).

The loveliest thing she did? She lives in Wimbledon but diverted her journey ALL the way up to Liverpool Street to get me Wasabi onigiri triangles - my favourite food - and then came all the way back down to SE London to see me with a cool bag FULL of them. Enough to last me 2 days...

I love her. I'm lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for making Toby cry... went on the next day to soak my nieces and nephews with a... jug of cold water, the garden hose, super soakers, and various buckets of water... they did get me back though!