Saturday, April 02, 2011


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I was going to try and be clever and do an April Fool photo but I couldn't think of anything and then it was April 2nd and I'm uploading a day late so it seemed redundant!

Instead I'm sharing this. Earlier this year I became an official "Chairmum" for - a fab parenting website that encourages meet-ups for mums in the local area to get to know each other and hang out with and without their kids. I'm the Chairmum for my local area along with my wonderful chum Clogsilk Clare who was the person who started me on PAD in the first place.

We've been meeting on Tuesday afternoons at a soft play centre with our kids and it's been going really well - have met some fantastic women. This was our first night out with out the kids - at Sapporo of course, my favourite Japanese/Chinese restaurant.

We had a BLAST! We were very loud, very giggly and very full of yummy food. It was lovely to have a night out without interruptions from small people and two of the Mums have kids with chickenpox at the moment so they'd been quarantined for days.

I'm so happy to have brought together this motley crue of fantastic women. I'm really loving spending more time with them - getting to know some of them better from being school yard nodding aquaintances - and a couple who bring their kids to my class but who I've never really spoken to. I'm also quite proud of Clare and I who have put this whole gang together.

So no fooling - just happy women!

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