Saturday, April 23, 2011

23rd April

23rd April, originally uploaded by sally_re.

It was roasting this morning. I'm very grumpy and tired today cos I wanted a lie in and didn't get one....

Have spent the day chauffering Rob to work, then to Bluewater to get his iMac fixed....The kids came when taking him to work (he works at the Royal Observatory in the middle of Greenwich Park) and the boys and I sat in the sunshine too long which might be adding to my grump.

However NOW I'm a bit grumpy cos the sun has gone and it's more like a typical Bank Holiday weekend - this is the view from my downstairs extension to my loft extension! I quite liked it - it also shows me how dirty my Velux is......

Hoping the rain will come and go - we're going to Whitstable on Friday to avoid weddings so please universe - save the sunshine for us then!

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