Saturday, April 23, 2011


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Back in July 2010 I had an operation on my left ankle to remove some nasty bits of loose bone and some spurs. I hadn't been able to point my toe or rotate my ankle for over a year.

The op went well but the wound got infected and was like that for 3 months.l I ended up with a stiffer ankle than when I first went in - constant pain, limping...rubbish

Today I had an MUA - Manipulation Under Anaesthetic - basically they numb you or put you to sleep (I had a spinal) and then move your joint around like made and loosen up the scar tissue and adhesions....

I wanted to to be better but I was terrified of this op - the idea of it made me sick - like a cartoon or something...and I was sure I would be in agony afterwards.

I WAS WRONG! I could walk (once the spinal wore off - took bloody ages!) and the pain was less. And I can point my toe! Look! I'm pointing!

It already feels much better - have to do physio to build up the muscles in my left lower leg cos I've been limping so long....

Amazing though.

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good for you