Saturday, April 16, 2011


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Old friends

I met an old friend today who I haven't met in the flesh since I left school in 1989 (though the pic was taken the first year we met in 1986). Thanks to Facebook we found eachother again, as I have with lots of old school friends. And thanks to Facebook she's swapped homes with a friend of mine so we get a chance to reconnect properly - she also has 2 boys and we're going out to dinner tomorrow's slightly surreal - where do you start after 22 years? I'm looking forward to just me and her tomorrow night - it was kind of crazy with the kids today and just getting used to being in the same room together!

I'm so happy we've got this chance to rekindle an old friendship. Thank goodness for social networking eh?

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Anonymous said...

sometimes it's a good thing, yes.