Saturday, May 07, 2005

Oscar's music shuffle and a brief update

I've been having great fun buying some mad nursery rhyme/silly songs for Oscar's daytime mix the last couple of days. I have a lullaby album I made myself of a variety of songs I love and now I have Oscar's silly singalong songs:

1. Good Morning Starshine from the original film soundtrack Hair (LOVE that movie)
2. Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink - found it on ITunes and I love it!
3. If you're happy and you know it - a classic
4. The Clapping Song - Shirley Ellis - it's on a commercial over here and Oz loves it.
5. Songs for Little People - another ITunes find - a kind of doo wop with nursery rhymes
6. Alouette - trying to make the boy bilingual
7. Do Your Ears Hang Low - with 2 verses I hadn't heard including the classic "Can you semaphore your neighbour with the minimum of labour, do your ears sit high"
8. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts - I have NO idea who sings this - it's on Disney's 100 songs for kids but it's hysterical
9. The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers - well my boy likes to bounce
10. 3 Little Fishies - very singalong
11. High Hopes - got to have a bit of Sinatra
12. 5 Little Speckle Frogs - sat on a speckled see you can't help singing it
13. The Cat Came Back - so funny and slightly sick...
14. Puff the Magic Dragon - I'm not encouraging him to skin up, just like the song!
15. You Are My Sunshine - he is - my son, sunshine
16. Morningtown Ride - the Seekers - I listened to this as a kid and it brings back memories

So there you go - It's great - we put it on in the morning and dance round the kitchen making breakfast. I love the fact that he starts and ends the day with music.

My news - I got the audition that I went for last week - for a short film which is filming in Devon at the end of the month and will be going to Sundance and Cannes which could be promising. It's an amazing script. I'm also waiting to hear about a commercial shooting in Spain but it's a very long shot - I haven't even auditioned yet but I'm "pencilled" which means a possibility.

Friday Oscar and I went to Guildford to meet a couple of friends from - lovely fun time - Oz was so good as it was the longest drive he's done. He's still sleeping like a little angel and we're having such a good time.

Ok - off to cook dinner. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Dixie said...

Love Oscar's music. He'll remember those songs for the rest of his life and they'll bring him the best memories!

zoe xx said...

Great news about the audition Sal!