Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I'm trying to stick to my points this week. I put on 4lbs when I went to Weightwatchers last Wednesday (it was over 3 weeks but still...). Until that point I'd lost 25lbs. Now I'm back on 21. Since January. Which is ok. It's just getting boring a bit. And since I've been crap for 3 weeks, getting back on the wagon is tough. And I'm hungry.

I've been eating WW products and being good - and I know I could go downstairs and boil me up some yummy veggies and eat them till I puke. But I don't want to. I want to eat cake and chocolate and mashed potato (not all mixed up together....though I'm hungry enough to!)

Sometimes I get fed up and think **** it, I'll just be fat.

I started dieting 2 years before I got pregnant and lost 70lbs. (5 stone). Put on 2.5 stone (35lbs) when I got pregnant. I'm nearly at my pre-pregnancy weight as I lost a bit before I started WW this January....but it's hard to keep going.

I'm just fed up today (or un-fed up) and I can't blame it on PMT cos I just finished. I think it's because I had nothing to do today - we went to Greenwich and met DH for lunch but that was over too quick so I had an afternoon of staying in the house - which always makes me want to eat out of boredom.

*sigh* I'll perk up tomorrow. Just got to find my impetus again...


zoe xx said...

I swear I have just had a conversation with Mike where after I have eaten a lovely healthy tea, I could still eat fish, chips and a knickerbocker glory. I'm never really full. often craving crap and never leave stuff on my plate.


Kirsti said...

Personally I'd go with the **** it approach. Given that 95% of all dieters regain the weight in 4 years, plus more. Given that there's enough scientific evidence that diets don't work. Given that you end up feeling miserable, deprived. Given that dieting just sets you up for a binge.

Me I'm trying to avoid junk food, make healthy choices and incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

Besides, it's probably good for Oscar to see his mum loving herself just as she is, rather than worrying about food, points, calorie contents and looking right.

Nic said...

Aww Sally,
I hope you're feeling happier today. I'm fed up of dieting and I have no willpower at the mo because I'm so tired still with Lucy and Jack so I find myself eating really sugary things. The sun is shining today though so I'm going to force myself to only eat fruit and no chocs!!

Sally said...

Good for you sis but it's not about looking right (though that's a pleasant side effect). I need to do it so I can run around after Oscar. So I can have another baby. So I'm healthy. And this is a life choice so I can't put it back on again. I don't binge. I want to but I don't - the worst I'll do is eat a whole tub of skinny cow ice cream which is only 7 points so doesn't exactly kill the diet. I just have down days you know? I do feel deprived but in the long run, it's the right choice....

beege said...

Sal, I've been there. The f*ck-it place. In fact, I'm there right now. I've got it rather nicely decorated--it's warm and comfy and there's always peanut butter M&Ms about. It's quite nice. Until I see a picture of myself and then I'm like, "Good God! I look like that?! Why didn't anybody tell me?!"

*sigh* I don't weigh any more than I did before I got pregnant, but my body is so totally different now. I carry the weight differently than I did, so I look like I weigh more than I do. Plus, I do honestly need to knock of some pounds before the next baby, just to be healthy.

So kudos to you on your loss! I'm so damn proud of you I could just bust! ;)