Saturday, May 28, 2005

Apologies to my sister

She rang me to complain that I hadn't updated so she didn't know what I was up to. PUSHY!! So just for you Kirsti....

Well, Oscar has been a bit ill which is one reason I haven't posted. Don't know what it is - he's got a high temperature and is out of sorts but no other symptoms - apart from waking up at night again which is not fun. He was up 4 times last night and then woke up at 6.15. I'm exhausted.

It's been really really hot too. Yesterday we went to Mudchute city farm but Oscar wasn't really impressed at all - he was too hot and bothered. I kept spraying him with water. Again, he wasn't impressed. He just isn't well.

We also went to Greenwich to get a frappucino and Oz played with his gang of baby mates - I'll post a picture above.

What else....spent the whole day in the garden today - we bought Oz his first paddling pool - he has such a temperature we thought it was an ideal way to keep him cool - again, I'll post a pic.

That's all I'm afraid - I'm too knackered to type more. I'll update a bit tomorrow if anything happens - it's a Bank Holiday weekend so it's long and lazy.

Oh! Big Brother started on Friday night. I'm already hooked. So I may not update THAT much!


beege said...

Sal, go get his ears checked. It sounds EXACTLY like what Linnea was doing when we found out about her ears.

ty said...

By some stroke of luck (well... I don't know if you can truly call it luck. It's more likely the very opposite of luck.) I discovered that Big Brother started this weekend, in just enough time to download the first episodes while they were still popular (and therefore easy to download).
I hate the US Big Brother (watched a single episode and couldn't take it) but a friend introduced me to BBUK and I have no clue why it's different, but it is (accents maybe?).
Also, I'm completely devoted to Big Brother's Little Brother and really want to see more Dermott and Davina.

I'm excited that my second year of BBUK looks like it will be more fun than the first one. I like almost everyone.

I really hope Makosi can reassimilate into the house after this week.

ty said...

Oh yeah, I'm sorry to hear about the boy. I hope thinks perk up soon.

On the positive side, that's a great looking baby gang. I fear that Oz is a lookist. He clearly only cares to hang out with the beautiful people.

Janice said...

hey Sally, I signed up just so I could annoy you with my always pithy comments ;)

anyway, wanted to say that Oscar is a cutie pie...wish you lived closer...I'd love to babysit :)

hope you're well!