Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Busy busy busy!

Am I too busy for my own good? Today we were out of the house by 8.45, swimming lesson at 9.30, then straight to Lewisham to meet my folks - (my Daddy is home for today only so i made the most of him, as did Oscar who only gets to see him very occasionally) we had a wonderful lunch - the best dim sum in the world at Royal China. Then from there, I went back to Lewisham with Mum after a Krispy Kremes pitstop for dessert and wandered round the market. Then off to see my wonderful friend Amy who has a little boy of 19 months and is pregnant too. Home by 5.30.

Tomorrow, I have aqua aerobics at 9.30, meeting a friend at 11.30 for coffee, weightwatchers at lunchtime then...nothing all afternoon so I should do some work.

Thursday morning we're at the library, then sing and sign in the afternoon. Friday I'm off to Guildford to meet some internet buddies all day!

No wonder I'm knackered! But I can't stay home with baby all day or I'd go crazy.....

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Dixie said...

Sounds to me like you have a great balance of Oscar time and Sal time. Enjoy!