Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A funny and a hormonal day

My lovely friend Poppy pointed me to this - very very funny - go read it. Then come back!

I've been feeling very hormonal today even though it's a bit early for PMT. A couple of my friends have had babies in the last couple of weeks and also I keep seeing pregnant women everywhere. And I want to be pregnant again.

Am I insane? Especially since Oscar is getting harder and harder to entertain....I saw a woman at our swimming lesson this week who is about 7 months pregnant, balancing her 1 year old on her bump...and I welled......!!!! I want another one!!!

Talking of swiming lessons, Oz is excelling - his grandmother came to watch and he definitely showed off - swam on his own with a float longer than any other baby. And held on to the side like a little pro. He really is a water baby!

We also joined Monkey Music today - I'd resisted because it isn't cheap but 2 of my friends go and their babies love it.....and Oscar's child benefit money came through today so I thought - sod it - let's spend it on half an hour a week of fun. Oscar got to wear a viking hat. I took a picture with my phone and will post it. He also banged a drum and had great fun bouncing on my lap to the "Look at monkey" song.

Oh I'm rambling....I'm a bit tired. Oz woke up at 5am this morning but went back to sleep at 6...which is more than I did.

DH is still at work. It's half past seven...grrrrrr


Kirsti said...

Ah, but think of what you'd be setting him up for if you had another one now. Remember all our years of fighting and bickering. You want more than an 18 month age gap between them, honestly.

Besides, that'll mean that you can definitely come see me in October.

Kirsti, with no biased motives at all.

Nic said...


That letter was sooo funny! Lucy and Jack must have got it in the post without me noticing and thats why they won't let me sleep past 430/5am anymore!!

Broody? Be impressed, I went to the babyshow and was only a tiny bit broody. Maybe having two little ones at home scarded me off. Nah, they're ace and I'd do it all over again.


Jodipodi said...

Hey Sally!

lol @ you feeling broody!
As you know Louis and Luca were 16 months apart...absolutely wouldn't have it any other way!! :))
Hope you are well

Love Jodi and her boys! xxx