Monday, March 14, 2005

What a difference a day makes.....

Hello...didn't post over the weekend -was quite stressed. DH was working all weekend and I really noticed it - no one to help me out - I rely on him quite a lot at weekends - how the HELL do single mothers do it? They are so amazing - I have a friend who is a single mum, works her ass off 5 days a week and has little support - none from her baby's father - yet is a brilliant mum. The further along the road of motherhood I get, the more I admire her and others like her...

Anyway - today I had to get some new headshots done with my new hair and was an hour's drive there and I was nervous about how Oscar would deal with it - he'd either sleep all the way there, then scream on the way home or vice versa. No. My little boy was an ANGEL. He slept all the way there - woke up as I pulled up - was totally charming at the shoot and got his picture taken too (I'll post them when I get them) and then slept all the way home.

Yesterday I was at the supermarket and he threw up just as we got there - all over himself - proper vomit, not just a little milk coming back up - I had to do the shopping so I cleaned him up and carried on shopping, trying to ignore the vomity smell. Half way round the store, with my trolley cart full of shopping, he threw up again, projectile this I abandoned the cart and it's contents and came home feeling very guilty. (He was fine in the end...he's been off his food for a couple of days and I think he had a bit of a tummy bug).

But today I decided I had to shop so on the way home from the photographer I pulled in to the supermarket. Now he'd been on a 2 hour car journey with an hour gap in between where he basically sat in his pram watching me have my picture taken....I thought he might not take well to shopping. No...he grinned all the way round - he is a veritable granny magnet. Little old ladies were cooing over him. I got all my shopping done.

And this afternoon he's been lovely - laughing and smiling. God I love my son. I still love him on the days he's grizzing or puking all over me. But days like today fill my heart with sparkly love and joy. He's amazing. And he's mine.

*sigh*...some days Motherhood is better than any drug in the world for giving you a high.

ps - he also slept through the night last night without waking so Mummy wouldn't have bags under her eyes for her photo session. An ANGEL I tell you!!!


jess said...

Yeah, let's see the pictures please!

beege said...

I think it's the Angel days that help us to love them on the grizzing and puking days. Linnea is teething, and has decided that sleeping is optional (nighttime AND naps!).

So anyway: this story I've been meaning to tell you. She LOVES the shirt you sent her when she was born. She's tiny, so it still fits her well, and she's always so excited when I pull it out of the drawer. One night, she INSISTED on wearing her tshirt over her jammies. So there she was,in her little thermal-knit duckie jammies and her "Princess in Training" tshirt, and her "jewels" (clear colorful beads M has strung on elastic for her). I tried so hard to take a picture to send to you, but the little stinkbottom wouldn't let me get a good shot! But it was precious and hilarious!