Friday, March 04, 2005

Guilty pleasure

I had such fun!! After I got over the guilt (thank you for the encouraging comments) I had a blast. Had a bubble bath that lasted 45 one interrupted me, no one cried for me or asked me anything.then went and had dinner in the restaurant complete with cheesy piano player...had seafood salad, roast lamb and pavlova...totally un-weightwatchers - totally not giving a shit.....And it's wierd - I usually hate being on my own - hate eating alone, hate doing anything by myself - I don't like my own company. But last night - i LOVED it. Didn't want to talk to anyone. Just wanted to chill out by my own sweet self.

I went back to my room, put all the pillows (I had 2 double beds in there) one on bed and cuddled up under my duvet and watched Groundhog Day. Fell asleep at 10pm...woke up at 7...totally refreshed and feeling fine! I hadn't realised how tired I was.....

The snow in Maidstone was still really bad today so we finished rehearsals at 11 to make sure we could all get back.

So I just got paid to rehearse for probably 4 hours total - most of which was spent laughing my ass off - they are such a great bunch of people (Basil was being totally obscene as usual). Then I was paid to lounge in a jacuzzi, have a bubble bath and relax. And my meals were paid for. And I got driven home because the trains weren't running.

I'm back down there again next Wednesday and Friday - not staying overnight this time.

Oscar gave me SUCH a big grin when I came home. I was so desperate to see his little face - he's started kissing me. Only me - doesn't do it to anyone else. He opens his mouth wide and pushes it into my cheek. Then turns away and waits for me to kiss his cheek, and does it again. I end up with a cheek dripping with baby drool but my god I love it. He's been lovely this afternoon. DH is out at the pub but I'm totally fine with it. I got to give Oz his bath and put him to bed. And he went to sleep straight away. I want to wake him up again to cuddle him but I won't!!!

So all in all - a lovely 2 days.

One thing I didn't do was wish my big sis a happy birthday for yesterday so K, If you're reading this HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Thanks oh wonderful readers for your reassurance. I feel so happy today! Hope you are all happy too.

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