Sunday, March 20, 2005

Evil Thieving Bastards

Excuse the strong language but I'm really angry. I checked our online bank statement today and there were 3 strange transactions - through an ATM - 2 at 21.02 precisely taking out £190 and then £50. Then another £200 taken out at ten to one early this morning. None of them was us. Some bastard has cloned DH's ATM card and has taken £490 out of our account.

We can't afford to cover this loss. Because it's a Sunday, the bank can't do anything today other than cancel the card and contact us tomorrow. Likewise I can't report it to the police today to get a crime report number because our local station isn't open on Sunday.

I'm so scared and angry. What if we can't prove it wasn't us taking out the money? DH didn't leave the house yesterday let alone go to an ATM and withdraw £200 after midnight....

It's totally spoilt my weekend...hence the non happy black text rather than purple...

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Kirsti said...

Bah, that sucks bigtime.

If UK banks are like US ones, you won't have to "prove" anything - simply go to the bank and sign a statement that basically says "I solemnly swear that I didn't make these transactions", and the bank do take your word for it.

Hope that they refund the money soon!