Friday, March 18, 2005

Spring has Sprung in London

Unbelievable weather the past two days. 2 weeks ago we were snowed in - now it's glorious sunshine. I've been LOVING it. Yesterday we went out to Greenwich Park and had a picnic - picture above....and Oscar has been playing in the garden in his walker.

It's amazing how much better you feel in the sunshine. Oscar still isn't sleeping well though. Was up a couple of times last night. I keep meaning to wait 5 minutes before rushing in to soothe him in the night but I do it on autopilot. Last night he wasn't even really awake. If I'd have left him he'd have probably gone back to sleep. Must try and do it tonight - he should sleep through, he can because he has...and he's stuffed himself with food today.

Yesterday he had chocolate pudding for the first time. He bloody LOVED it. He is his mother's son.

Ok - off to watch Finding Neverland as DH is out tonight.....wish I wasn't on WW so I could scoff chocolate pudding myself.....

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jess said...

Who wouldn't love chocolate pudding? Mmm...

Tell us what you think of Finding Neverland.