Thursday, March 03, 2005

Confessions of a bad mother

I'm writing this entry from the Hilton Hotel in Maidstone (darling). I actually travelled down on my own last night - horrendous snow hit the south east of England and the roads were dangerous. It took 4 hours and I was stranded at the station - had to ring the director and get him out of bed to come get me as no taxis were available!

So was without the boy last night - very strange. And wouldn't you know it the little git slept through for DH...bless him. Rehearsed this morning - had a great laugh with all my old chums from the show. And spent this afternoon in the hotel pool and jacuzzi. I'm spoiling myself whilst also being racked with guilt.

Tonight I'm having a lovely dinner in my room and then a bubble bath (our bath at home is made for munchkins....I haven't had a bath for 2 years but I do shower)

My wonderful mother is babysitting all day today and tomorrow. I've rung her 11 times (how sad) and the bairn is fine. So I'm going to enjoy myself....

My only problem now is the chocolate bars in the mini-bar are calling my name.....Nooooo


jess said...

Focus on spoiling yourself, sweetie, while you've got the chance!

zoe xx said...

I officially give you permission to eat chocolate as your WW friend. I think that it is called for.

Okay, so now you know that Oscar will sleep through, he needs to start doing it more often. Give him a good talking to - sleep is not just for Daddy it's for Mummy too!

I bet your Mum is having a ball - we always feel guilty for asking them, and they just can't wait to have the lil ones all to themselves!

Sara Joy said...

Enjoy that bubble bath!

I'm so glad that you have this night to yourself- even though I know you're missing Oscar!

beege said...

Yay! Chocolate and bubble baths! I think ALL mommies should go and work for the Basil Brush show, just so they can have a few days away.

Honestly, Sal: think how much better you'll feel going back to Oz after the wee break. You'll have gotten some good sleep, some good "me time"'ll be more than ready to resume motherhood dutis.