Thursday, July 21, 2011


201/365 by sally_re
201/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
But not just any biscuit. These are from the National Maritime Museum's new wing and I was overjoyed to see them!

When I was little and Dad took us to the NMM I remember two exhibits. Nelson's jacket with the bullet hole in it. And these biscuits - being a greedy child I remembered the biscuits. They actually have love letters written on them and are 200 years old. But child-me just wanted to eat them.

When hubby came to work at the Museum seven years ago I was most disappointed to find the biscuits nowhere to be found. But now with the new wing and new gallery open - there they are! Hoorah!

Incidentally I highly recommend visiting the new wing - it's AMAZING. There's a stunning art installation in the gallery downstairs that is NOT to be missed - truly stunning interactive experience that kids will love. And there are water features outside and a new cafe and it's all just fabulous. Well done National Maritime Museum! (and thanks for putting my biscuits back)

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