Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We're GOING to America!!!

Oscar's passport arrived this morning, the tickets are booked - it's official. I'm very nervous but I think we'll be fine (Thanks Beege for the tips below!) We fly out on the 7th and come back on the 21st. I know I'm going to miss Rob so much and he'll miss us both but I think it'll be brilliant.

I've already got plans to go out to a proper bar with my friend Tiff who is going to pretend to be British too and be called Camilla! I want to go to the kind of bar I've seen on TV where they have popcorn in little bowls and the bartender talks to you. I want to be awfully awfully british and see how many people tell me my accent is cute. I need to get drunk. And have a laugh. So Kirsti - you'll be babysitting if that's ok! (And morning sitting if I'm hungover.)

I've also got a gathering to go to on the weekend of the 15th in Peoria - a harvest hog roast with 100 people - 20 of whom I know and love and can't wait to see.

Oh I'm so excited and scared and happy all at the same time! I want to start packing now!

I also want to buy Oscar the tackiest halloween outfit I can find. Maybe even get a matching set for me and him....hee hee!!!



jess said...

I'm looking forward to a really good party!

GaiaGal said...

ROFL, Sally!!!

I'm sure Kirsti can't wait for you and Oscar to arrive!! I hope the weather is gorgeous while you're here!!


beege said...


It's gonna be a par-tay!!!!

(Give Tiffy hugs for me, K?)

Karen said...

Congrats on your upcoming trip. My son and I just got our passports renewed and are itching for a good trip.

Oh, Peoria?

Everyone will enjoy your accent. Everything you want to do should be no problem whatsoever.


Nic said...

YAY!! Sounds like you'lll have great fun but I can see why you're nervous-I would be too but it'll be fine!
I was going to ask you when you are on Basil Brush so now I can put it on the calender ;o) Actually Jack loves Basil so we'll be watching it anyway. He thinks its soooo funny.