Saturday, September 24, 2005

One for your diaries

The episode of the Basil Brush Show that I taped way back in April (I think it was) will be on BBC 1 on the 4th November at around 4pm - check local listings for exact time. It's called "I'm a Celebrity, Let Me Back in the Kitchen" and as you may remember I play a Scottish scary wrestler. I won't look gorgeous or glam as I had the flu and conjunctivitis when we shot it. I can't wait to see it though I'm probably going to be hiding under the sofa to see how ugly I look.

Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, Oz and I will be going to America to see Kirsti - it depends on whether or not Oscar's passport arrives - I sent it off just over a week ago (I left it a bit late) so hopefully it will be here soon so I can book the tickets. I'm scared about flying with a 13 month old so any advice gratefully received.

I'll have internet access (of COURSE at Kirsti's) so I'll keep up the blog when I can. I'm really looking forward to it. I've got a big party to go to with a lot of friends I haven't seen for a long time - all flying in to Peoria for a reunion - on the weekend of the 15th Oct. So I'll be roadtripping with my friend Tiff - should be fun if Oscar behaves. I also want to buy Oz a funky mad halloween outfit - and possibly one for myself! And go to my favourite place to eat in the world - IHOP

Right - off to ANOTHER birthday party once the munchkin awakes so I'll sign off and go wrap presents.


Janice said...

i hope Oscar's passport arrives. it'll be great to see you and to meet Oscar :)

beege said...

Flying really won't be too bad.

The hard part is deciding whether or not to take advantage of early boarding, or wait until the last minute so that the kids can run around and get just a little more energy out.

How long a flight is it?

I'd bring snackies--the last time I flew with Linnea I brought treat snackies (little sugary cracker etc.) as well as healthy snackies (frozen peas that she could eat frozen or thawed; blueberries; cereal bars) because it seemed to keep her in better humor--you know how you start to feel sort of blah after too much junkfood? Having healthy snacks seemed to help.

Bring an extra set of clothes. Some jammies, perhaps. A blankie and something for him to snuggle with, if he's that kind of kid. I managed to keep Linnea occupied for quite sometime with the SkyMall magazine, but we also brought some of her favorite books.

You could also give him some sleepy medicine and hope he sleeps on the flight. We never have much luck trying that with Linnea--instead of being active and alert and fairly managable, she becomes cranky and difficult because she doesn't feel right.

You should also talk to Amy--she has taken James on flights, hasn't she?