Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oscar walked!

Ok - we're back from holiday and it was lovely - chicken pox didn't stop us having fun and Oscar was better by Wednesday - will post full holiday report tomorrow but I just had to share

He walked today - properly - first steps going from me to Rob. He was so bloody pleased with himself as well! Laughing and giggling and throwing himself towards each of us.

He's been practising all day while I followed him round with a video camera and we did get it on film.

I'm so proud! He's so proud of himself - the joy in his face is wonderful.....

Ok - it's late and I'm off to bed - more about holiday plus some pics soon I promise


Kirsti said...

Awww! My wonderful nephew! Walking!!! I'm so proud, even from across an ocean.

Terry and I are away from Tuesday .. you'd best hurry up and book your flight as we want to make plans :) And see Mr Walking Oscar!

Glad you had a good holiday. Hope that a week of catching up with the laundry and post and all that stuff isn't too bad.

Nic said...

Yay Oscar!! Now you can chase everyone around and get into loads more mischief ;o)
Sounds like you had a good holiday Sal! Look forward to seeing piccies.

beege said...

Way to go, Oz!!!! You rock!

It looks from the pics like he's going to be built like Rob.

Dixie said...

Yay Oscar! You're brilliant!

Jodipodi said...

Gorgeous pics and looks like you had a wonderful time! My mum and dad used to live in Looe I think?! They have fond memories of the place, my dad used to paint on the harbour!

Miss u me love! :)

Jode xxxxxxxxx