Monday, May 16, 2011


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I've been going to WeightWatchers since November 2010 and have in total lost 21.5lbs (2.5lbs of that this week).

I've found it hard to be motivated. 21.5 might seem a lot to a skinny bird, but since I have at least another 60 to go, it's no where near as much as it seems to me. I've been finding it really hard to motivate and stay on track and not just give up (like I have done the past 5 times I've done WW - I lose about this amount, get bored, relapse, put it back on then start again).

My friend Clare (Clogsilk) has been brilliant - she started last week and is helping me stay on track. And Penny the new leader (who is also a good friend) is very motivated and enthusiastic.

But it still doesn't seem like much.

Cue my lovely Mum who has kept 6 stone off through WW for the last 8 years, and in a previous life was also a WW Leader.

She challenged me to find 21.5lbs of stuff - put it in a bag and carry it around for a while.

As you can see - I found an eclectic mixture - to list them:
2 tins tomatoes
3 tins chickpeas
3 tins of soup
2 tins sweetcorn
1 tin alphabetti spaghetti
1 nearly full bottle of coke
1 jar of Dolmio (extra large)
1 Masons jar full of flapjack ingredients
I bag of sugar

Bloody hell it was heavy! You can see from my face and the handles on the bags!

So it brought it home to me - thank you Ma - that I HAVE achieved a good loss - and that it may not even be halfway but it's still a big step in the right direction. And I'm really glad I'm not lugging that lot around every second of the day like I was before November.....


Penny Phillips said...

Love it.... that was going to be my trick up my sleeve for next week.

Kristyn said...

Congrats and keep up the great work.

Clare said...


the scarecrow said...

Many congratulations on the weight loss! ANd it's not just the weight, but that you're obviously eating healthier and exercising which is never without benefit. Please don't belittle your achievement, because you should definitely be proud of it.

Also, best of luck with the continuation of the diet. Have courage, set small goals and reward yourself when you get there, you deserve it!