Tuesday, May 03, 2011


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Tomorrow is my 15th Wedding anniversary. I feel old! Rob has forgotten (I just reminded him and he's so annoyed with himself). I'm not surprised though. After 15 years not a lot surprises me about him.

I reminded him tonight - didn't want to do what usually happens (I give him a card on the morning of our anniversary, he feels immense guilt and is angry). We're going out tomorrow night to see Hugh Laurie's Blues Band. We just had a wonderful weekend away in Whistable. He's my best friend. Cards are things made by companies out of trees that have sentiments that are sometimes sickening, sometimes appropriate, sometimes banal and boring.....

After 15 years of marriage, after 20 years of my life, half my life. I don't mind that he forgot. He loves me. I know this so deep inside my bones that a piece of paper (even though 15 years ago a piece of paper meant everything)...means very little in the scape of my life. Love is all you need. Easy as 1...2....3

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