Monday, May 16, 2011


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So on an impulsive whim, since both boys are Peter Pan mad at the moment, I suggested we visit Diana's Memorial Playground at Kensington Gardens.

We went on the DLR where Rob grabbed this very fuzzy shot with my camera phone - like a total dingbat I brought my DSLR but forgot the memory card so couldn't take any pics - and there were some beautiful opportunities too - grrrr - will just have to go back.

I highly recommend the park to anyone. It's gated with a manned gate so kids can't get out and anyone without a child can't get in. There's a huge pirate ship in the middle complete with crows nest and big wheel and rope ladders to gain entry. It's surrounded by soft white sand and various trickles of water and fountains.

There are three tepees, an adventure playground, little crevices and corners with musical instruments and musical stones to jump on. Pure magic.

Take a picnic - show your kids where you are and let them go. TAKE A CHANGE OF CLOTHES - our big mistake - Toby got soaked.

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