Monday, April 23, 2012


So...I haven't really been posting much in the last few weeks - no photos, no fatshion posts, minimal facebook updates, not a lot of anything really and I'm trying to work out why....I've kind of lost my creative mojo I think - no particular reason why...Life is kind of ticking along - nothing spectacularly good, or spectacularly bad.

My other half has been uber-stressed over a project at work (it's taken 6 months and sucked him dry) but that's kind of finished now. The kids (apart from an OBSESSION with Alvin and the Chipmunks) are doing OK - we have our good days and bad as usual. Maybe it's the constant background noise of high pitched rodents that's been sapping my inspiration.....

The weather is crap. So I haven't felt like going on a stroll with my DLR camera. Picnik closed which made me think editing my photos was going to be a pain in the arse but as you can see from the shot above I've found a new website called - thank you Clare - which is almost the same (except I can't work out how to put text on my image).

I have been going out with my friends quite a lot, so my social life isn't as meh as my online existence! But people have commented so this is kind of a response to "why aren't you posting anything". I have no idea!

The only thing I can think of is that I've become quite addicted to and have been watching inordinate amounts of American TV online - GCB, Smash, Subugatory, Dance Moms (and Dance Moms Miami - a totally guilty pleasure) when I AM online, I'm not producing, just absorbing crap TV!

But I'm still here. And I'm still hopeful that my creative juices will kick in again. So don't fret (not that I imagine anyone still reads this blog). I will be back (NOT said in an Austrian accent)


Clare said...

You can do text on ipiccy but it's not obvious where at first. Will show you! :)

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