Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So after comiserating and moaning and whining about the death of Picnik.com, I have discovered Ipiccy.com (I think I mentioned it before). It's fab. VERY similar to picnik and I've had a little play. So here are some recent pics....with fiddly bits done on ipiccy!#

So this is what I wore today. I quite love it. And I "styled" it myself! I'm learning how to dress better - or at least dress how I like to dress and not how I think I should as a larger woman.

Playing with the Warhol filter on ipccy - this is Clare and I - we went to Greenwich for noodles today and saw them rehearsing for the opening of the Cutty Sark tomorrow - this is us in front of the stage with a choir and full orchestra on. I do love our cheesy self portraits - must make a collage of them sometime - or Clare will you?

Toby in the bath the other day. Fiddling with frames and cross filtering on ipiccy.

The boys crowned me Queen of the Playroom the other day.....this is me attempting to blur me into youth - or better skin!

Rob had a couple of weeks off now his project is completed. We went to Ikea and were all lovey dovey in the queue for meatballs! This is a colour filter that picnik didn't have and I quite like it!

My baby boy posing in the jumper his auntie knitted him....I always did love the Orton effect on Picnik, combined with a vignette.....and I can still do this! Yay!

Didn't do much to this one at all - the light did it for me. Toby is desperate to learn chess. Rob is amazingly patient with him. I cannot play at all so am happy to leave the Grandmastering to Rob!
So a brief snapshot of my snapshots recently (since people are still complaining I'm not taking pictures like I was). I think discovering this website will inspire me a bit cos I do like faffing around with filters! And when the weather brightens up, Clare and I will be going on some photowalks.....

Watch this space!


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