Sunday, January 01, 2012

Looking back....

I have to say, on measure, that 2011 was a pretty good year. There was one huge tragedy - the loss of my brother in law at the age of 19 in February. Nothing really will be the same for our family after that. I'm still not in touch with my (ex)best friend and that made me sad this year.

On a more positive note - I turned 40 and had the most amazing birthday party and was overwhelmed with the love I felt from all my friends. I got my iPhone. We had the best family holiday we've ever had in Turkey and then the best Halloween ever in Detroit. I lost 43lbs at Weightwatchers with the support of my friends, and intend to lose at least that same amount this year. And thanks to my last year's resolution of doing the Photo A Day challenge, I have a visual record of this whole past year and I love it. 

So I'm afraid I'm going to do it all over again! I know this blog used to be more text and less picture....but I love being able to document my life in images. And I'm learning so much more about photography and wanting to take better pictures all the time. So readers, if you're out there, (I always forget anyone actually READS this as I don't get comments but I can see from the pageviews that I'm not alone in this corner of the interweb), I hope you don't mind that this blog will continue to be a home for my photo-a-day. 

Hey, at least I post a lot more than I used to! Not always ON the day...but I never got more than a week or so behind last year.

My life is a lot easier now that the boys are both in school full time. I'm working more - just before Christmas I launched Singalong Sally and I'm hoping 2012 will be busy with music! I also still have windows of time for myself and that's really important. Time for pictures! So if you do read me - do drop me a comment occasionally! I'm such an attention seeker. 

And finally dear reader, may I wish you and yours the happiest of New Years - 2012 has promise what with the Olympics in London.......(though I HATE sport of any kind so will probably be trying desperately to leave the country from June....)

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