Wednesday, January 04, 2012


4/366 by sally_re
4/366, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This picture isn't the greatest summation of a crazy crazy day. My friend is ill and in hospital so this morning I went to her house to babysit her 2 wonderful girls - then took them back to mine where we were joined by Clogsilk and her two, and Anne and her two....8 children in total! It was chaos. Anne had brought ingredients for WW friendly mince tarts and this was about the only pic I managed to snatch. The house looks like a bomb hit it. I'm too exhausted to tidy up! It was fun though - a huge get together but THANK GOD they're back at school tomorrow. I'm off to bed insanely early to watch Great Expectations on my iphone in the bath I think....Uniforms are ready. Will do pack lunch in the morning as the kitchen is too messy and I can't summon the energy to clean it now.

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