Wednesday, September 28, 2011


262/365 by sally_re
262/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
So today we trialled school dinners with Toby - the parents go in to help them navigate the dining hall. Toby did well with his tray and stuff....but not with the food! They let him have the vegetarian option which was pizza - the other choice was curry and I knew he wouldn't go for that. But Pizza is one of his favourites...

And he didn't eat any of it. Refused it - said it didn't taste nice (probably because it was homemade and had vegetables all over it). He wouldn't even eat the cake! Because it had yogurt icing on it....he ate 2 pieces of bread and butter!

So...much as I hate it...there's no point paying for school dinners - he won't eat it, will then demand food straight after school, will be low blood sugar and grumpy all day in school. Toby loves packed lunches - he's always eaten them (unlike Oscar). So that's the route we're going...

With Oscar he barely eats during the day due to his ADHD meds. When I switched him to packed lunches, so I could monitor what he was eating, he ate hardly anything. At least with school dinners they make him finish more of it, it's a hot meal and so he'll stay with that option. So only one packed lunch to do each morning.....

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