Monday, February 28, 2011

February Collage I DID IT!

February Collage I DID IT!, originally uploaded by sally_re.

Totally inspired by Geekheartsaday, I wasn't sure I would manage to stick to the theme of a heart for every day of February. And I did. And it was a hard month as my heart was shattered and I'm still grieving.

Having this focus was brilliant. I'm still learning every day on PAD and the first month I could be free to just play. This month was brilliant.

So I'm almost decided on the flower theme for March. Though I might take it week to week - have a theme for a week and then maybe free for a week and so on.

I think I am starting to develop a style, as Rebekah commented - it might not be the most original but I like numbering each day, and having a little caption. And I love the filters - especially Lomo and HDR.

I'm still having fun with it. And this is the LONGEST I've ever kept a New Years Resolution. Thank you everyone for inspiring me, for commenting, for helping and teaching me along my way to photography.

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